Thursday, 29 November 2012

Save our Vembanad lake...... at least for tourism...... Its condition is really hurting.....


Wetlands the ‘Kidneys ‘of the earth and are one of the most important and highly productive ecosystems of the world. Production of food, nurseries for fishes and other aquatic organisms, helping in biogeochemical cycling etc…these are some of the functions as wetlands providing for us. But now the conditions of wetlands are very bad. Increasing population and industrial activities giving more pressure on the land and especially these wetlands are under high threat. Reclamation of paddy fields, lakes, cutting of mangrove forests etc… are increasing day by day. People are not aware of the importance of wetlands and using it for other purposes. Kerala’s largest wetland Vembanad lake is very good example. The area of the lake reduced lots because of building resorts and other industrial complexes.  House boats as well as industries in the lake bank dumping the waste directly into the lake without any treatment. Lake Biodiversity is degrading day by day already lot of organisms and plant species are vanished from the Vembanad Lake some of the fishes and other organisms are under threat. If the condition is going the current way means the lake will collapse in the near future without any evidence of lake in the current place.
Industries at the bank of Periyar River (which ultimately reaching vembanad Lake)(photo taken by Reshma.M.R)


  1. we knw when kidney is not working properly! no one see what hapend in our surrounding!

  2. It points a social issue and make the readers to think about it gud job

  3. most importnat issue to be addressed

  4. what could be the immediate remediate measures??

    1. have to implement effluent treatment methods in house boats and industrial plants......have to give awareness to people about the treats... i think people already know the things but still making pressure on the system